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Collection – ''MONO'' 2017

The concept of collection:

Monotony these days is widely seen as a negative phenomenon which eventually tends to become a part of most people daily lives. However, if the phenomenon is so inevitable, one should learn ways how to accept it. Hence, my goal was to create a collection of clothing which would not destroy the phenomenon as such or would try to change rules of the game, my goal in this case is to accept the rules already existing and find an approach that will make the game more interesting.
Take Origami for example, step by step a simple piece of paper may turn into variety of objects of human imagination. The liberation which comes of creative progress inspired me to seek something similar in our daily routine objects, especially those which we rarely notice. Therefore, I chose to experiment with commercial carpet, a symbolic metaphor for monotony in so many workplaces and institutions that I found being permeated with routine and sameness, almost like a status quo of the monotony.
COMMERCIAL CARPET is essentially the only material I use in my collection. I try to keep the continuation of the material in my silhouettes as in origami principle to show that dull material such as carpet may turn into unique designs without major alteration to it.

Fashion Films

Currently I am 18 years old school leaver from Lithuania. My engagement in fashion design began when at the grade nine I started studying in Klaipeda’s Balsio school of arts. I presented my works in tenth and eleventh grades with collections ‘Selection’ and ‘Metamorphosis’. However, this year I decided to take a bigger step and raise my competitive edge at the national level. I applied to the national talent competition ‘Fashion Injection’. From almost 70 candidates of designers from Lithuania, Germany and Russia that only sixteen of them appeared in the final including myself - youngest of the participants. During years in school I also managed to launch my personal handbag’s brand “PREGES” with clients and boutique partners of both national and international backgrounds.