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Chorda is a collection of multifunctional body accessories made of metallic fiber cords. Chorda consists of ten accessories in seven two-colour combinations creating a contrasting striped effect. Each piece is defined by a number from 01 to 10 (and not by name) because the same piece can be worn in different ways. As a handpiece or a neckpiece, as a neckpiece or a belt, for example. The collection also includes four body-harnesses and a rigid collar. Chorda accessories can be wrapped, adjusted, tightened and loosened around the body and be worn in different ways every time. This is why we call them multifunctional accessories.
Each accessory is extremely light, soft and flexible and has been created to wrap around and adapt to the natural bodylines. The clasp allows easy and practical adjustment.

Chorda is made of very light and flexible metal fibers (just like natural rope). Each Chorda piece is woven by a special weaving machine, created exclusively for its production. Subtle copper yarns are then silver-plated and enameled in different colours. The inner core is made of polyamide that renders the piece elastic and very resistant. Other special production processes give the metal threads an absolute softness. The rigid elements - the clasp, the adjustment chains, the rope end pieces - are made of brushed brass and are galvanized for a fine finish. The gold and rosé versions are 23kt and 18k gold-plated respectively.

The collection draws inspiration from Japanese bondage, whilst deliberately taking a step back from it. Chorda is, in fact, an urban, chic and minimal accessory. Post Tradition has chosen not to use leather or any other material of animal origin. A conscious choice, as well as an aesthetic one: our desire is to transform the concept of body harness into a less aggressive version, with a less explicit connotation, suitable for everyday life.

Each Chorda piece can be worn all year round: on bare skin, with tops and T-shirts, or over heavy clothing, such as sweaters or coats. Chorda’s aim is to promote a personal and individual interpretation of the way to wear its accessories.

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Post Tradition is an Italian brand born in 2016 from an idea of Nicola Damian and realized with the collaboration of two of his friends - Fabio Bosello, regarding design, and Luisa Rasia regarding the creativity.
Post Tradition creates luxury products that connect the worlds of fashion and design. It is a container for ideas and projects that may take on different forms in the future. Post Tradition's first collection is Chorda, a multifunctional line of body accessories. Our name combines the two souls of the brand. The confidence and achievement of our experience in the production and traditions of made in Italy, as well as the desire to go one step further, to use new technologies and to be open to experimentation. Post Tradition is proud to create a line with a strong aesthetic impact yet with no short-term expiry date. Our collections aim to be timeless and are always open to customization, to fit the identity and spirit of those who wear them. Post Tradition wants to enhance individual personality rather than dominate it. Nicola Damian - founder, CEO & director His background is in architecture. He is a natural planner and a sommelier of delight. "He knows how to get things done”, this is how his friends describe him. Luisa Rasia - co-founder & creative director Luisa has a pharmacy degree but her real passion is the research and interpretation of beauty in all its forms. She is the creative mind of the brand. Fabio Bosello - co-founder & product designer The art of creating jewelry has always been part of Fabio's world. As have raw materials and noble metals. His vocation is to face the challenge of shaping them into new forms. Post Tradition reflects three different experiences; it is a team of three personalities with different backgrounds, connected by a collective point of view. A brand, made in Italy, with an essential, refined yet unconventional approach. “Our aim is to create a collection that encourages different ways of wearing the articles, inspiring new stories”.