Pernille Birk Z

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Kolding Designschool
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Collection – KNOT ANY

In my latest collection “knot any”, is build around making a collection with no season. My inspiration was around the knot and all the ways I saw it on. Clothes are something you should own and use in a long time, that’s why I saw potential in combining the knot as a shape method with my technical way of understanding and working with clothes.

The knot itself is more or less clearly in the collection, where I have worked with its interpretation both as an aesthetic observation, a construction technique or a functional method. My goal for this collection was to create conceptual usable garments, where my chose of textile and silhouette are very true to everyday wear.
Pernille Birk Z is a passionate fashion designer with a strong technical comprehension. Her focus and her strength is the craftsmanship, where she is eager to work with it in an innovative way. She holds a MA of Arts in Fashion Design specialized in womenswear from Kolding Design School (2016). Throughout her education she have specialized in concept development, production, patternmaking and sustainability. She believes in becoming an expert in a field, therefore she always has an obsessive attention to details. She likes to challenge different kinds of methods and work with them in highly considered craftsmanship where her aim is to create wearable, functional and quality based garments.