Paul Pourcelot

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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – The People's Monarchy of Pourcelokhistan

Pourcelokhistan is a thousand-year-old territory that hosted the simultaneous birth of the seven legendary pigs. Each of them blessed this fertile land of the seven mythical precepts: Friendship, Charity, Modesty, Courage, Justice, Power and Strength. These founding values ​​are found today in culture and political life.

Until his renunciation by very cordial agreement with the President, King Paul I was absolute monarch of Pourcelokistan. Although the country keeps, in its long form, the name of People's Monarchy of Poucelokhistan, it is today the beloved Hercules Storm, solar Ruler, who is in charge of the power. Despite his renunciation, the King remains an important traditional figure and is still very popular with the Pourckhans (3rd place with 89% of favorable opinions), just behind the President (1st place with 100% favorable opinions).

INSEEP, “The favorite personalities of the Pourckans”, June 2017.
Paul Pourcelot was born in the old divided and unrecognized territory of Pourcelokhistan in November 1995. Son of a wealthy businessman of the country close to the government, he left the Pourcelokhistan for Switzerland where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Fashion Design at the Geneva University of Art and Design in 2017. Back in his country, he became designer number one. Paul speaks French, English, Italian and about 60 different dialects of Pourcelokhistan without any accent - and people say that's unbelievable - and he can recite the ABCs backward without any hesitation.