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bangalore / india


NIFT Bangalore

I graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore in 2012. Soon after I started working as a Designer for Manchester United. I knew I wasn't cut out for this. There was something bigger I had to do. I quit my job and started working on setting up my Label Pariha. What started off as a thought has now become a reality. I believe that India is so culturally rich and people have so easily forgotten it, as we're all running so quickly into the future with new replacing the old. I want to make people stop and think. I want people to know how amazing our roots are. I want to make a difference to people, one person, anyone or anything. Pariha's philosophy is 'Cultural Rediscovery'. Reminding ourselves that we are part of something bigger. My themes are usually art, dance, folk inspired with a blend of modernity. My Label now just over a year old wants to tell stories that are quietly losing out. I make womenswear and each ensemble has a story to tell. Mostly inspired by the vast cultural heritage of India. Folk art forms, crafts, history. Eclectic mix of unique identities. Dramatic silhouettes.

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