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PARA PLATFORM was established in 2014. We develop futuristic, handmade clothing, the concept of which entails cultivating clothes from grain to linen while using ancient techniques of weaving. The process is very time consuming and metaphysical. We pay special attention to the quality and origin of the material. Each sample of clothes is produced in one copy. The collection consists of only hand made labour; using ancient types of stitching techniques with no machinery used in production. The composition of a woven fabric is just as unique as the human retina and its production incorporates a range of stages. Sheep grow wool only two years after birth, the shorn hair is steamed for up to 8 hours then soaked in flowing mountain water and dried in the sun. Further, the wool fibres snapped on the crest of an iron and scrape the fibrous structural material. The resulting raw material is layered in special wooden barrels and topped with rocks. The layers of wool then get tied with a rope and spun by a spindle. This sacred stage is known as the birth of the thread, a living essence and the basis of all the material of clothes. The next step is Creation. The craftsman then passes the thread with his or her hands through the alchemical loom. The structure of the material is such that water flows down the surface, like a thatched roof, without stopping inside, keeping the fibres dry. This process makes it possible to feel comfortable in the cold and rainy weather. Ovoid architecture keeps the heat inside the lines even at the lowest temperatures. As a consequence, we have the synthesis of a product by applying ancient knowledge and a modern approach. The golden section garments in our collection are designed to create superior comfort and the maximum warmth.

The coming times will hold high ethics and respect for nature as a form of harmonious coexistence. Nature grows through the crypt of civilisation. The wind blows away everything unstable, exposing the essence. Fire purifies. It's a great song of nature. There is a place of eternal circling in an ecstatic state of being. To become a creator of the future is PARA's creative philosophy.

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