Olympe Cothouit

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ESSA Duperré
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Collection – Finding light through darkness

As painters create brightness by adding lighter notes to their dark canvas, as finding light at the end of a tunnel is often seen as a way to get out of the darkest of trials; I created a collection of black clothes to which light was added through different textile alterations and the use of various materials.
I wanted to include in these clothes, glossy, shiny, silver, or velvet materials. I also worked on the fabric by modifying the structure to create areas of shade and light with techniques such as shibori or pleats. This garment is also an opportunity to play with cutout structures and areas of opacity and transparency that would allow more or less light to shine through. In my work, I put a lot of emphasis on the savoir-faire, handwork and textile manipulations which allows me to develop clothing shapes using photomontage or draping directly on a mannequin.

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