Olga Buleva

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omsk state institute of service
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Collection โ€“ HIDE AND SEEK / 18

Creative Source: Russian national men's suit and work of Egon Schiele. From folk costume โˆ’ proportions, work with accessories and stratifications. From Schiele โˆ’ texture, imaginative solution: long limbs, to break the figure.
Collection unisex, designed for the consumer who is not afraid to experiment.
Style: sporty, romantic, neoclassic.
It is based on the author's shoulder dress design. This structure in which back, sleeves, and the hood has one pattern, also sleeves has an undulating shape that can be adjusted. Also the effect of the design is enhanced by the insertion of the straight strips which change their width, depending on the model. This design is used in various assortments: cape, shirt, sweater.
The models are based on the combined volume of contrasting shapes and half-adherent.
The collection uses fabrics of different textures: wrinkled, etched, fluffy, shiny, matt.
OLGA BULEVA - the young fashion designer from Omsk, Russia. Olga Buleva study at the Omsk school of design and participate in design exhibitions and the international competitions in the sphere of fashion design. OLGA BULEVA offer products for a creative class of people who aren't afraid to experiment.