Ode To Odd

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istituto marangoni (london)
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Designed & 100% handmade in India
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Collection – 001- STACKED

The collection is inspired by khaki clad men aka postmen who have become an old age phenomena in the tech times. The label is rooted in craft heritage and tradition and hence this collection is an ode to the people who have been organic in keeping people connected. Also, letter writing is quite nostalgic and a process that is labour of love which is what brand celebrates - touch of human. The collection is a marriage of both man-woman sensibilities with indigenous textiles and international aesthetics.

enwrapped in soft kora silk,she sat on the verandah. spilled time devouring;
the old letters from the attic. it was winter of peeking, winter of hide and
seek. winter of waiting. wait in her eyes; wait in her every step; weight in
her thoughts. but with the winter sun sinking low, her eyes downcast,
soaked in melancholy; she drew the curtains, light casting sad spell everywhere.
the fields stirred, a swift turn on 84 Charing Cross road & there it was.
a gentle knock on the door. the wait was over. her favorite khakhi clad man.
exultant; she ran to envelop the paper in her arms and pulled the strings apart
fifteen postcards in her name. warming out in her soft hands;
feeling his soul through the thin paper, she read out aloud from the first postcard

“Dear Heather, wish you were here.”

that was the summer of love. the summer of fiery hand and tinder pages.
the summer on fire

Ode to odd finds charm in the eccentric and real, in the known and unknown, in the old and forgotten. Inspired by the duality of timeless aesthetics and craftsmanship – it is an ode to everything bizarre and beautiful in the contemporary world. it is a story of craftsmanship, perfect imperfections of human hand and labor of love. Every piece is a magic of handcrafting with meticulous attention to details starting from weaving, cutting fabrics, crafting touches and hand finishing the garments. The pieces are crafted from high quality natural and eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, silk, mulmul and wool which culminates into simple and unpretentious design with a touch of human hand in every process. The label echoes the sensibilities of duo – Shreya and Priyal Mewara who are respectively fashion and communication graduates. After graduating from Pearl Academy of Fashion, India, Shreya went to pursue masters in fashion from Istituto Marangoni, London where she trained under renowned designers - Roksanda,Tata Naka and Michelle Lowe Holder. While Priyal - with no training in fashion believes that the very fact makes it easy to deconstruct and construct her own path in fashion.