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Collection – spring/summer 2014

Nuit Comme Oui by Natasja Qvitzau spring/summer 2014 collection
Nuit Comme Oui is a small new label founded in 2009. Origami is the basic inspiration for Nuit Comme Oui's folded, dreamy universe. All designs are folded from a square, and as such the origami is the origins of the geometric cuts and folds that appear in the clothes. Origami provides an experimental effect in terms of falls and draping, especially when constructed in soft materials such as thin cotton and sand washed silk. Everything is one size, which helps providing a different and personal expression to the clothes depending on who will be wearing it. Origami can also have a symbolic meaning, which is reflected in the philosophy of the first collection by Nuit Comme Oui 'Unspoken Folded Stories': We all fold and unfolds our fantasies and unspoken fairytales in our own made up stories. In the crease of our histories, we hide away our secrets together with our philosophical thoughts regarding life, dreams and death. The Stories are an escape from the visible world and they are a proof that there is more than what meets the eye