Nobuyuki Matsui

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arts london: lcf
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Collection – Spring Summer 2018


In this collection,"Leftovers" means making clothes using the things left behind which is focus on Japanese traditional items.
Especially pure silver printing is used to use as technique of Nishijin Ori, we are reuse these traditional technique applying to garments.
Using these very delicate detail to express Japanese modestly and beauty.

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Nobuyuki Matsui grew up in Japan and move to U.K to study psychology, then transferred to London college of fashion to study menswear accomplished at pattern cutting and sewing with a specific interest in innovative surface textile. During London fashion week, experience with catwalk show at freemason hall, awarded with the Prize in FAD competition. Work experience from some of the young designer brands such as Agi and Sam for industrial experience. After moved to Japan, he launched his own label, Nobuyuki Matsui in 2016. The collections are developed influenced by growing curiosities of new experiences of silhouette, textile processes in our house. Each season, the collection give a singular-minded theme base on an idea "what the fashion is". We beleive that "Fashion might not be an art ,but the garments could be closest art of human being". Therefore, we are producing both an show piece and ready to wear products by each season.