Nixi Killick

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royal melbourne institute of technology
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Collection – Digital Drift

A portal into the exhilarating internal realms of the contemporary digital native. Offering a dynamic dimensional dreamtime for cybernetic serendipity and crystallizing the essence of contemporary soul space. A sublime rendering of weird science into a virtual reef; Mapping the mysteries of neo-future mermaidian minds and augmented environments of the urban spiritual cyborg. Merging a future-primitive reverence of aquatic majesty with a sublime digital future, using alternate material technologies to ignite an ecstatic vision, Integrating strong visceral motifs from oceanic reefs and lofi 80's augmented reality to instill an intuitive majesty and unite a chorus of colour. All prints come from original watercolor paintings and digital remixes, accompanied by sculptured pieces made through hijacked materials and machinery such as laser cutting, 3d scan body mapping and printing, vacuum forming, cnc milling, fibre optics, electronics, silicone casting etc

DIGITAL DRIFT is about remixing material systems and cultivating vital colour communications, a contemporary pastiche of nature, future potential and technology.
Re-contextualising lo-fi material renderings as an intuitive expression, With reverence to a legacy of techno-instinctual displays, the DIGITAL DRIFT collection speaks as a colourful beacon radiating a natural evolution of NXK’s techno optimistic future vision.

"If its not in the future it doest exist'

Fashion Films

'If its not in the future it doesn't exist'. NIXI KILLICK (NXK) is a vibrant mix of psychedelic art work and sculptured techno-induced wearable’s. NXK is an independent, Melbourne-based label establishing a global Colourtribe through techno-optimistic Imagineering and vibrant artwork, providing unique alternatives, creative direction and design. Following this is a strong commitment to unique products, ethical production and quality. Artist born Imagineer, Killick uses fashion to articulate a utopian freshness while drawing parallels between the possible and impossible. Fostering inspiration from her background growing up in the circus, performance and the arts, Killick embraces creative escapism and indulges in the bizarre. With clients like Lady Gaga, SIA, Kimbra,Hiatus Kyote and Brainfeeder and collections hitting runways around the world, NXK is set to become a powerhouse in Australian fashion. NXK is a future positive maverick-hybrid.