new delhi
new delhi
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pearl academy new delhi
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100% handmade in India
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Collection – Out of shape

This collection is inspired by geometrical shapes.The fabric is handwoven tussar cotton. This loose fit collection with a tinge of hand embroidery is for the timeless wardrobe.
NIRAA, a product of my awareness of fashion and responsiveness towards designing, my whole-hearted attempt to do something contemporary while keeping myself grounded deep to my heritage. Hey! I am JYOTI JAIN, a fashion designer-stylist and of course, creative-head of NIRAA. I have done my graduation in the field of fashion designing. Calling myself a fashion enthusiast, my journey began some years back in a fashion school. Well, in the first three years of my fashion study, I knew little about my style, my forte, my talent. To put it in plain words, I just “learnt” what I was taught. We were encouraged to know the crafts of India and do projects on them. While doing the projects little did I know that I would fall in love with Indian handloom and crafts and enjoy collecting as much information and skills as I could. I got so much allured by the Indian craftsmanship that in my seventh semester I took ‘Madhubani style’ as my inspiration and started working on it. My graduating collection was the turning point , I realised my love for weaving which till then was only in my sub-conscious mind. My deep-never-ending love surfaced and desire to work in the Indian handloom, weaving and craft designing became even more ardent. At that time I explored weaving, learnt it and got my fabrics hand-woven. My final semester project ‘SOUL’ helped me groom my style and inspired me to build my identity with it. Soul is an abstract idea and therefore to create a collection inspired from it was a challenge. To make my ‘Soul collection’ a success, I started working on draping and this draping technique did full justice to my final year collection. My love which was hidden somewhere deep in my mind and heart, finally, got its vent in the form of Niraa which was appreciated by all. My label NIRAA is a beautiful amalgamation of Indian craftsmanship , my draping techniques and years of hard work and love. I hope all you fashion savvy women out there would enjoy wearing NIRAA as much as I enjoyed making it.