Nicole Scheller

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AKS Schneeberg /The Swedish School of Textiles - University of Borås
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Collection – IP/privacy


The intrusion of visual and digital surveillance into our private spaces keeps happening more and more and is being accepted. With the development of multimedia and the increasing digital networking, privacy has become an abstract term. Most of the population lacks awareness that surveillance is happening in public locations or even home devices all the time. A free personal development and free action in consideration of the constitution can only happen if privacy, space and identity correlate.

The collection IP/privacy is meant to be used as a defensive weapon against everyday surveillance and the gathering of biometrical data. The design concept is based upon two systems, automated face recognition and forward looking infrared cameras (FLIR).
This wearable assortment of outfits is characterized by distorted shapes and exaggerated proportions. While the black and white pattern confuses facial recognition by overloading it with useless data, the human silhouette is deformed, thus encrypting it to the camera's sensors.
Besides having a formal aspiration, IP/privacy promotes activism to maintain privacy while preserving identity and create anonymity in urban spaces for the wearer.

Photography: Franz Gruenewald
Model:Christina Dalbert
Hair and Make up: Nicole Scheller/Christina Dalbert
Nicole Scheller studied fashiondesign at University of Applied Art Schneeberg and The Swedish School of Textiles. She graduated 2017 as fashion designer and is living in Dresden, Germany. Striving to question political deficits and social structures, she developed a conceptual working method in which contemporary problems are the foundation of her design. By directing viewers attention to the background of her work Nicole makes them scrutinize their own impact on today’s society.