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Collection ATEHNEO is mainly inspired by the motives from the book Hazarski rečnik ( Khazarian dictionary) by Milorad Pavić, but also his approach to this unique piece of art. Hazarski rečnik was written in that way so it can be read and observed like a sculpture, from many different angles and viewpoints. This book interacts with its readers, allowing them to be part of it, to explore it, adjust it, shape it and not just be another lazy observer.

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Nevena Ivanovic was born in Belgrade in 1992. After completing undergraduate studies in the French school of fashion and fashion management "Mod'Art international" she founded her own brand "NEO design". She continued her education at the "School of Art and Design", where in June 2016 she had graduated. She has participated in group shows at BAFE and Belgrade Fashion Week, but her first independent fashion show was in Paris in septmber 2016. She became a member of the BFW Design collective through platform for young cratives -Fashion Inubator. She won the prize“ BazART“ as encouragement to young designers, as well as the prize „Textil Young Designer Award“ , and in addition to these two awards she is one of three winners of the competition B-Future. On Serbia Fashion Week Nevena was the winner of Fashion Talents Design Competition and that award gives her a oportunity to showcase her latest collection (now in progress) on Fashionclash festival in Maastricht , Netherland. On Belgrade fashion week she had her solo fashion show and for collection ENSONEO II she won Elle Fashion Award for outstanding show.