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Collection – Warring Forms

‘Warring Forms’ are derived from the idea of conflicting shapes and materials in creating clothes. Basic styles are reinvented by the use of ‘fold’ and ‘drape’ which is often a mismatch with the material chosen for the ‘form’ intended. For example, the contrasting use of pleats and darts on ‘fluid’ fabric such as chiffon and light weight...
Nelly liu is a semi-couture label based in Jakarta selling ready-to-wear and limited edition item with hand-made details. Pre-order/ custom order available for elaborate pieces. The designer focus on the central theme of beauty which is translated into multiple sub-themes in the collection. For S/S 13 Lilith, the designer takes inspiration from the dark moon which is the second elusive moon which exist in between the earth and the sun. Taking both elements of the moon (yin/ feminine) and the sun (yang/ masculine). The designer mixes masculine elements of clothing into womenswear to achieve a balance look- one which is neither masculine nor too feminine. This idea is translated into the use of suits, dark colours & harsh lines which are contrasted with embellishment/ beads, fluid drape & muted pink and cream. Embellishment took references from images of the planets & galaxy (masculine attributes), which is then reworked with a combination of tulle and beads to look like flowers (feminine). The ambiguity of the final effect of the embellishment illustrate beauty in the balance between the two opposite energies. For more information on works and collection, please contact me via email.