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limkokwing university of Creative Technology.
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Collection – Experimental Avant garde skirt

Inspired by Costa rican, Boruca masks
Shareful Islam Palash Is a Bangladeshi young upcoming Fashion Designer. Well known in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for his blogging and writing about Textiles and Fashion.He was born in January 7,1994 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In pursuit of his early enthusiasm for Textile&fashion, he studied both Textile engineering and Fashion Design.During, Studying Diploma in Textile Engineering, Shareful became popular in his country as well as India and Pakistan for his effective writing. In 2012 ,at 18 years old he was select by one Turkey company called ''Textile Radder'' and he was recruited to work as the country representative of this Company. Immediately after his graduation in Textile Engineering , at 20 years old he was recruited to work as a Lecturer in Bangladesh.After, 1 and half years of work as a lecturer he started his journey to study Fashion in abroad .Currently he is studying Fashion Designing and he will graduate in 2018.