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Collection – Afternoon

This latest NEEMIC collection reflects the feeling of a quiet and effortless afternoon.

The designs are unobtrusive and discreet, yet selective in their approach to texture and reflections of light. They emphasize internal comfort and the materials themselves. The afternoon collection consists of softest mohair and alpaca knits, fine silk and beautiful organic fibers. It values the hidden, the inside, the contact with the skin. Detailed leatherwork, silk lining and refined wool techniques complete the skill of our tailors. Many pieces are made with rare fabric and are only available in limited edition.

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About NEEMIC is a designer brand initiated in 2011 by Amihan Zemp and Hans Martin Galliker with three visions at heart: Creating beautiful design, making the industry more sustainable and providing a platform for artistic exchange. All NEEMIC pieces are designed and made in Beijing. DESIGN NEEMIC design is quiet and understated, yet expressive and deliberate. Clean and simple cuts underline the beauty and texture of precious natural materials. Often oversized and casual, the pieces generate a feeling of unpretentiousness and inner comfort. Great care is given to details and quality finishing. SUSTAINABILITY NEEMIC commits to responsible use of resources. We source predominantly leftover materials from the high-end fashion industry and GOTS certified organic fabrics. NEEMIC actively facilitates a more sustainable industry as co-founder of the Hong Kong organic textile association and AgraChina, a network to promote organic agriculture in China. Sustainability also has a social dimension. We partner with local tailors and emphasize fair conditions for all stakeholders. NEEMIC collaborates with Summerwood, using organic fabrics that are hand-woven by traditional communities in China, preserving old techniques and social structures. ART NEEMIC acts as a creative platform, fostering both local community and international exchange. Through events and collaborations, it brings together brilliant minds from fashion, video, fotography, performance, and other arts.