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Inspired on Marcel Tolkowsky a diamond cutter and an engineer. He is generally acknowledged as the father of the modern round brilliant diamond cut. Whom in 1919 developed the Tolkowsky diamond cut. It was derived from mathematical calculations that considered both brilliance and fire of the stone. Marcel Tolkowsky found that if a diamond was cut...

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As an artist, her brand is intimately tied to her experiences; cosmopolitan and anxious, of formation and artistic, modern inheritance and in turn claiming the nobility of the materials that give shape to her designs, ideas and projects; the world NAYE QUIROS. She was born in Mexico, great grand daughter of mexican revolutionary muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros; she attended, between other prestigious schools to name one the Institute Marangoni of Milan; she lives and works for Televisa in Madrid and Milan, covering runnway shows from the European Fashion Weeks; she moves to NYC, where she exhibits her jewels in prestigious boutiques and dep stores. And decides to establish herself in Buenos Aires, incorporating innovative elements into her constant creations. Everything previous induces the creation of an exquisite brand that she names NAYE QUIROS, focusing in contemporary jewelry, cosmopolitan, glamorous and elegant, ultramodern and kinetic. Abstraction of her constan trips, arts and architectures; sensuality of landscapes, skeletons of cities, charm of different cultures are the foundations of her creations. Essence that leads to every piece as timeless, leading to the 'Portable Art' concept. Born in Mexico city, Naye Quiros lived her first years between México and the United States. While studying Communications, she became involved in the fashion world, working first for magazine ¨Quién¨ (México), and later for Televisa Madrid (Spain) as a fashion correspondent for the Milan catwalks. Her international experience led her to discover her passion for a new visual aesthetic in accessories and in 1999 she began to design contemporary jewelry and proceeded to complete a subsequent degree in Product Design at Istututo Marangoni in Milan. Her first creations effortlessly captured the public’s attention in Milan and later she decided to take on New York, where she showcased her creations in boutiques in Soho, West Village and Nolita amongst others. In 2004 she opened her first boutique,¨Tangoa¨, back in Monterrey, Mexico, where she dressed several mexican celebrities. Her constant exploration beyond borders has brought her to Buenos Aires, where she discovered a perfect fusion between Latin-American spirit and European sensibility. Buenos Aires launched a new phase of inspiration for her. ¨NAYE QUIROS¨ is an updated perspective in her design of modern jewelry, where all her experience, her art, and her world is expressed. “My jewelry is intended to become part of the new generation of designers proud of their expression and unique concept that they bring to each piece or creation.” Her work provides a deep look of the world and its cities. Each of her designs captures the essence of elegance; a sophistication that is always expressed in a handcrafted way. She offers urbanized pieces of “prêt à porter & haute couture jewelry”. Monterrey, Milán, New York, and now Buenos Aires have been graced with the art of Naye Quiros. Her creations have found their place in the fashion world reflecting its trends. “It is a pleasure for me to feel part of this moment of innovation that is spreading in our continent and to contribute my insight to this new chapter of design that has emerged; to liberate everyone from the visual monopoly of our time."