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Collection – Nataliya Kaut London Spring Summer 2012

This season Nataliya Kaut has debuted with a contemporary interpretation of structured silhouettes and geometric graphic prints of the 1960s. Inspired by the fashion icons of the decade, Nataliya Kaut’s feminine aesthetic for Spring Summer 2012 represents a fusion between clean, sharp cut and play upon colour and texture. Bright neoprenes are...
Nataliya Kaut was born and raised in Odessa, place where the grand cultures of France, Russia, Italy and Ukraine blend in a unique and exceptional form, giving the city a distinctive style and unforgettable atmosphere. Odessa's captivating architecture and ravishing lifestyle of the city have influenced Nataliya’s aesthetic profoundly. Her childhood experiences has not only become an integral to her brand’s culture, but also to a funky, yet determinedly contemporary and structured collections in which a juxtaposition of contrasting fabrics and textures is combined with her emotional and passionate viewpoint on the style of 1960s. All this, with a respect to the arts and crafts tradition of bespoke luxury tailoring.