Nari Haase

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burg giebichenstein university of art and design
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Collection – Mala – The Speed of Orange

„Acceleration substitutes eternity“ and enhances a „cultural discontinuity through continuous dynamisation.“ — time-sociologist Hartmut Rosa

Mala – The Speed of Orange is a collection about the value of time. In our World post digital revolution and in constant technical, economical and social acceleration our sense for velocity has changed. Used to the internet’s immunity to time we tend to impatience and expect immediacy in all areas of life. One could say the internet has made time void. There is no rest in this circle of informative supersaturation, compulsive communication and the fear of missing out.
The theoretic research about time in different cultures and eras, the acceleration of today as well as different ideas to its solution were the base for concept and collection. Mala – The speed of orange focuses on the value of tradition, craftsmanship and faith, which are threatened to get lost or falsified in todays compression of time. Especially buddhism and traditional asian perspectives and its approach to and appreciation for time were inspiring. Praying beads slowly gliding through the fingers, the long, winding path to the teahouse and the accurate, slow procedure of tea ceremonies.
The collection was visually inspired by the clear silhouettes of buddhist monk clothes and the aesthetic of slow shutter speed photographs picturing movement. Neat, simple silhouettes are disrupted by blurred textile patterns and moving layers of transparent silk. Classic tailoring details and finishing as well as delicate hand made embroideries are a dedication to craftsmanship with a modern touch.
The 3-D printed jewelry, inspired by buddhist praying beads, was developed as a collaboration with the Berlin designer Maria Michael from Onnerboegs Jewelry.
Mala – The Speed of Orange shall remind us on the value of time in this fast-moving world and suggest a new enjoyment and consciousness of it.

„Because time is like a cheese. […] We have to put more wholes and air in it. Like an Emmentaler.“ — time-scientist Karlheinz Geißler

Fashion & Textile Design, Pattern Cutting, Production, Styling: Nari Haase
Jewelry: Maria Michael (Onnerboegs Jewelry)
Photography: Sophia Kahlenberg
Model: Karolina K (TFM)
Nari Haase is a fashion designer with a strong passion for textile design. She currently lives and works in her hometown Berlin after a recent position as design assistant at Eudon Choi in London. In the past she has also interned at Issever Bahri in Berlin and worked for them as a freelancer thereafter. In 2017 she earned a BA in fashion design from Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany, where she also studied textile design. Nari’s main source of inspiration are philosophical and abstract topics. A construction of thoughts are mostly starting point for her collections. With own textile designs, clean pattern cutting and a feeling for materials Nari translates words into visual form and creates conceptual collections in a simple, graphic language.