Living in an age of mass-production and mass-consumption, it is easy to lose sight of the origins of the products we choose to envelop our lives with- often these products are untraceable. With big brands dominating the market and feeding this idea of mass consumption with wide ranges and depths of identical products sold in the thousands across the globe. It is easy to forget the sense of design and craftsmanship that has gone into producing such products and in turn they become generic. Designed in Glasgow and crafted in Italy through small production runs NADIA aims to retain this sense of origin whether it is origin of the products themselves or origin of the brand. We are an independent label that creates functional bags with a considered, minimal aesthetic that is able to transcend seasonal shifts. Our bags’ distinct silhouettes are achieved through the careful use of texture accompanied by simple clean lines, reflecting the surrounding inner-city landscape. From the sourcing of the soft Italian leather to the high-grade hardware we employ to compliment the design, each decision made to create our bags is crucial.