Moulage-margherita Cottafavi

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instituto marangoni milan
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Collection – L'Esprit du Temps

L'Esprit du Temps
fall winter 2018|19 woman collection
Moulage Margherita Cottafavi is created to inspire and celebrate a woman fascinated by the aesthetics and lifestyle of the ‘30s, who fearlessly dares to stand out.
Moulage Margherita Cottafavi is an extremely feminine total look based on jacquard knitwear and o ers a perfect combination of innovative volume and design with a touch of lurex.
Margherita Cottafavi creates each garment from studied tailoring on a dummy (this is what moulage means) and enhances her idea of fashion and style by jacquard patterns with a striking graphic impact. Moulage Margherita Cottafavi collection is thus extremely recognisable and reinterprets knitwear, which is experienced and created with artisan skill throughout the textile industry district in Carpi (Modena).
Moulage Margherita Cottafavi Fall Winter 2018|19 collection is born and takes shape in sophisticated atmosphere, evoking a sensual and romantic scenario. It has a vintage feel that continues to dazzle, with original jungle and animal print designed by Margherita Cottafavi and inspired by the fashion illustrations and designs by Enrico Sacchetti, René Gruau and George Lepape, which shaped the European aesthetics at the beginning of the 20th century.
Moulage Margherita Cottafavi reinterprets Art Déco lines and decorations that are stylised and deconstructed to dress a modern muse with refined taste.
Moulage Margherita Cottafavi combines striking tailored volumes, soft necklines, bows and ornate ruffles in flamboyant shades of lurex with a chic, elegant feel that perfectly fits the contemporary woman, pursuing a timeless idea of style.
After obtaining a diploma from the Science High School and a graduation in Law, Margherita Cottafavi (Correggio, 1985) attended a two-year advanced course in haute couture at the Trimoda professional school in Modena. She learnt pattern-making and sewing, getting a new understanding of how she could express her creativity through fashion. In 2011 Margherita Cottafavi won Maison Gattinoni competition for young designers and then arrived at Istituto Marangoni in Milan. This school provided her with all the essential tools for fashion design and enabled her to gain a deeper knowledge of her work, achieving a personal fulfillment she had never experienced before. During the final year she was selected to showcase her final collection at the Shanghai Fashion Week and at the Marangoni runway show in Milan. In 2015, after getting the diploma in Fashion Design, Margherita Cottafavi started working in Fendi in Rome, gaining an extremely important professional experience, and then she decided to create her own brand. In 2017 Margherita Cottafavi creates Moulage Margherita Cottafavi, 100% made in Italy, with two business partners. The Fall Winter 2018|19 collection is the debut of Moulage Margherita Cottafavi on international fashion market.