Morta Nakaite

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university of applied science vilnius
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Collection – In Oscillation

Through intuitive connections I seek to convey a nostalgic atmosphere, oscillations of memories and to highlight the bright sadness as an authentic feature of Lithuanianness.
I interdisciplinary dive into an intuitive creative method and self-reflection: atypical childhood fairytales allow to look at the processes in an infantile way without seeking any result; the scent and mystery of enormously big theatre wings, as they seemed to me in the childhood, spotlight the leitmotiv of drama, absurdist fiction and identification with its character allow me to become a contemplative observer.
Multicultural, multinational and diverse Vilnius and its surroundings, where I walk without any perception of time understanding the fragility of everything, again become some kind of connecting part of work and its starting point.
From the creative perspective this collection is the tendentious continuation of the story, however, in order to achieve a more technical result, Morta Nakaite is collaborating with producer Aida Einore, who has been making collections for companies and her clientele for five years, and creating a new, oscillating concept revealing the 'm o r t aa i d a' brand.
Image photos - P. Gasiunas (1,2)
Catwalk photos -R. Kondratjevas

Fashion Films

Morta Nakaite, previously educated in fashion design at Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, now she is doing Master’s in Textile Art and Design at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Every year she presents a conceptual clothing and footwear collection at the Lithuanian fashion week ‘Mados Infekcija’. She also creates costumes for theatre and cinema and works as a stylist. A clothing item is made and designed using an intuitive working method which allows her to express that which is difficult to communicate through words. Using personal experiences and stories which are strongly connected to Vilnius, Morta’s home city and her personal developments, she is searching for a personal and unique relationship between art and design. Please find more info at