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Collection – NARCISO

MODAPOLKA, NARCISO Spring/Summer Collection 2018
Pola Stępień / MODAPOLKA:
My latest collection was inspired by the atmosphere of southern Italy where we spent our family holiday. During our stay there our kids constantly reminded me of my own childhood and I often felt the nostalgia of the carefree 1990s. Thanks to the children I could revisit my summer memories and my mum’s wardrobe – her own colourful dresses as well as the ones she made for me.
Vintage fabrics, used to make the pieces in this collection, also played an important role. They were given to me by a wonderful designer, my friend’s mother. Just looking at them gives you a sense of going back in time. Best-quality linen, cotton, silk – some warm, sand or earth-coloured with a raw textured plait, others covered in subtle patterns.
I used these fabrics to make this capsule collection, which is coherent and allows for mixing and matching the individual pieces to create numerous outfits. The entire collection has 1990s feel, it is characterized by loose silhouettes, wide shoulders, tucks and ruffles juxtaposed with soft, fluid lines that envelop the body.
Pola Stępień (1976) is the founder of the MODAPOLKA brand (2010). She creates garments for people for whom buying clothes means investing in good design and high quality. That’s why her designs are made from the best materials and by specialized professionals. Clothes with MODAPOLKA labels are often worn by people from the art and culture world. Before taking the career path in fashion design she had been working on other projects. Together with her friend she founded the design studio WUNDERTEAM, where she works on interior design and art exhibition arrangement. When designing clothes she is guided by the principle of ergonomics, she’s interested in the transdisciplinary merging of fashion, art and design.