Milica Vukadinovic

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university of applied arts
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Collection – (S)INNER MEN

(S)INNER MEN collection reflects young, determined and rebellious men. It is consisted of apparent elements portraying the dominant, masculine face and severe character of men. However looking more carefully one will notice other specific, distinct elements that mirror the hidden emotional and childish nature of men. The collection evokes this everlasting play between the inner man and child. The life of every self-conscious man burns with the creative synergy born through this play. One who dares to confess his infantile side, is ultimately mature, self made. Thus, defying today's stereotypes, (S)INNER MEN walk along the future road. Primary colours with intense focus on symmetry and knitted elements will tailor one uncommon but wearable collection through which Milica Vukadinovic will capture the attention of all.

Fashion Films

Born in 1986, Milica Vukadinovic graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. Her degree was attained with merit award of ULUPUDS (Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia). Since then, her work has been focused on fashion for men. Throughout the years, besides her independent collections Milica has represented her work through various exhibitions and projects in the fields of fashion design, stage costume, etc. Furthermore, her work regularly appears in foreign countries as the Netherlands, Italy and Slovenia. Her collections have clear elements that emphasize the dominant masculine lines and sharp character, while specific details describe his emotional experience. The game of life between a man and a boy is channelled into her unique work. The creative synergy that arises from this game is the driving force of self-conscious man. Stable and secure, while at the same time honest and emotional. Battling stereotypes, this man is looking to the future.