Miguel Filipe Mendes Salvador

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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – Remembering a feeling I'm about to have

Everything started last year, when I bought a second hand shirt. At first sight it seemed simple, until the moment I tried closing it. A gesture, normally so naturel and routine, became slow, sensuel and naive, because it was actually a woman's blouse - and the buttons closed from right to left. A son of Portugese emigrants in Switzerland, I found further inspiration in postcards. Portuguese Shepards from the 1960’s dressed in blue jeans, a classic worker's garment, but on top of it they wear thick leather pants to protect the one under it. My collection research focused on recreating the feeling I felt with my second hand shirt on other garments. create this sensuel feeling between you and the garment. I basically started to change all the orientation of the closing. Instead of left to right it became right to left. As important as this simple basic concept were the shapes, the layers and the made to last approach I discovered in studying the farmers depicted in the postcards. The pride and hapiness they seemed to breathe moved me and guided me through my creation process. „Remembering a feeling I am about to have“ is reconnecting to familiar herritage and surprising connections which turn the familiar into a poetic and sensual experience.
Born in Switzerland from Portuguese Parents, I love fashion the way other people like women or men - I’m not good with words but with fabrics … drapping and drawing, that’s how I express myself. Fashion makes me happy and I wanna make people happy with my fashion. In our society we consume a lot of garments that at the end we dont need, we use it once, or not at all. We buy it and wear it once, we throw it away and we buy something else - the circle of consumption. There is no place for a sensual connection to garments anymore - no touching, no feeling, no appreciation for the details. As I feel this love for fashion in general and the garments I create in particular my goal as a new fashion designer is to create a connection between the garments and the customer.