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berlin / germany


the sydney fashion design studio

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Mies Nobis is a conceptual jewellery label drawing on art, sculpture & fashion as inspiration. Australian born, Berlin based designer Millicent Nobis studied fashion design in Sydney, Australia before moving to Berlin where her label Mies Nobis was founded in 2012.

Starting with inspiration taken from the shapes and forms of tribal jewellery; human and animal bone, horns and teeth and moving into study of human form; Romanesque muscles cut in marble and De Vinci's anatomical studies. Each collection reflects a fascination with the human form and its adornment as well as an experimentation with varying materials.

Her collections are an exploration into the tactile experience and playful possibilities of jewelry, with a focus on beautifully textured pieces that walk the balance between organic surfaces and minimalist silhouettes.

Combining recycled Silver, Gold vermeil and semi precious stones like rutilated quartz, texture bubbles from unexpected places, following on with previously explored themes of the wear of time and aging, alongside the labels classic minimalistic pieces are more organic forms made to be worn & worn down, the structure wether polished or textured is susceptible to times process, polish succumbs to scratches, matt slowly polishes with wear.

"Reworking shapes and imagery through a process of illustration and sculpture i aspire to reflect and refine these structures into modernised reincarnations, hand crafted in precious metals as wearable art.
Being the daughter of an architect, the ‘less is more’ philosophy of modernist Mies van der Rohe is ever at the forefront of my mind in terms of application.”

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