Mem By Paula Malleus

Fashion can hardly become any more unique and ecological than this. All the MEM items have been manufactured from post consumer waste (from used, worn jeans), collected locally from Finland. Using used, recycled clothes as the main raw material, it saves thousands and hundreds of kilos of natural resources and liters of fresh water. Just one Revolution jacket from REVOLT collection saves 30 663 liters water, which equals one person’s drinking waters for almost 60 years! MEM clothing line consists of timeless pieces, but it also serves as a universal business model for clothes-to-clothes serial manufacturing. The cuts of the clothes are geometric, but the silhouettes in the outfits are modern and simplified. All of the products are sewn in Helsinki, Finland. Most of the collection pieces are unisex. “MEM – the brand by finnish designer Paula Malleus – has showed a strongly innovative and modern collection, made exclusively out of post consumer waste, which makes her the very first designer in the world to ever show a collection fully made of textile waste.” - VOGUE ITALY Paula Malleus (born 1981) is the first Master Seamstress in Finland focused entirely in recycle fashion. She has over 10 years of experience in ecological fashion, customizing and twenty years of atelier work. Her expertise can be seen in the fit, functionality and design of the collection. MEM clothes can be worn by different body types and are suitable to a variety of occasions.Paula is also the founder of a Helsinki based eco fashion atelier Remake Ekodesign. The main objective of the atelier work has been to introduce an entirely new, more ecological business model to clothing serial production. Fresh water savings per product, 1 pcs/item (liters): "BRAVE" top 10 221 liters "DARE" body suit 13 628 liters "NORM" shirt 17 035 liters "CASE" shirt 20 442 liters "LIBERATION" dress 20 442 liters "DEVIANT" jacket 23 849 liters "REVOLUTION" jacket 30 663 liters "LIMIT" pants 13 628 liters "LIBERTY" pants 23 849 liters "DEVIANCE" pants 30 663 liters