Melanie Child

new zealand
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otago polytechnic school of fashion
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new zealand
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Collection – Serge de Nimes

'Serge de Nimes' focuses on reconstructing one type of garment that has remained in fashion since their invention in the late 19th century. They are one of the most popular clothing items ever made and are truly a 'modern classic'- the trusty pair of jeans. Found in the wardrobes of teenagers, grandmothers, anarchists, politicians, rock stars and the working class the world over, jeans tell the story of the wearer as they soften and fade with age and life. 'Serge de Nimes' is a trans-seasonal collection of stories, a re-interpretation of the 'modern classic' garment, a visually striking example of mass production and a nod to traditional techniques such as smocking, weaving and hand stitching that are slowly being lost to fast fashion. Jewellery collection by Kelly O'Shea.

Photography - Chris Sullivan/Seen in Dunedin
Melanie Child is a boutique womenswear label with a strong focus on upcycling and sustainable fabric choices. The label's aesthetic is thought provoking and sculptural with dark undertones, and the creative redesign of preloved denim has become a Melanie Child signature. The underpinning philosophies behind Melanie Child are to reduce post consumer textile waste into landfill and maintain a small environmental footprint through the use of sustainable virgin materials from ethical sources. A predominantly monochrome palette has evolved from the label's roots in Dunedin, New Zealand, taking inspiration from the city's gothic architecture and eclectic subcultures that thrive despite its notoriously long and subzero winter season. Melanie Child aims to create beauty from the unwanted and wasted, timeless garments that transcend seasonal restraints. The garments are investment pieces, designed to last and to further support sustainable design using the principle of quality over quantity. Melanie's 2009 graduate collection 'Manufractured' was a finalist in the 2010 iD International Emerging Designer Awards. in 2014 Melanie won the supreme award at The Oversew Fashion Awards in Wairarapa, NZ, and showed a 10 piece collection at NZ Eco Fashion Exposed in Wellington. In May 2015 Melanie Child was the only NZ designer to showcase at four day, red carpet event Fashfest Canberra with a 12 piece collection. Her label has just been announced as one of the designers selected for iD Dunedin Fashion Week held in March 2016 at Dunedin's iconic railway station, which will be shown on one of the longest catwalks in the world.