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Collection – Welcome to the New World | Autumn Winter '13

‘Welcome to the New World’ was presented in January 2013. The collection is inspired by the recent end of the world predictions for the 21st December 2012. The collection explored the idea that this was the birth of a new world rather then a disastrous end to the one we live in. They created a set of essential garments and list of rules to follow...

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MÊHLÊ is an emerging London based fashion label, founded by Slovenian fashion designer Maja Mehle, a graduate of the Royal College of Art and filmmaker and graphic designer Miha fabio Kalan. MÊHLÊ’s signature aesthetic is a combination of traditional tailored garments and technical innovative sportswear fabrics. Clean, relaxed and functional silhouettes with a sustainable approach to understated but classic design are the core elements of the MÊHLÊ look, designed for creative and powerful women that love effortless luxe 24/7.