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Collection – Wedding Spring Summer 2013 - The Stream of Rosiness

We are delighted to introduced our stunning works named: The Stream of Rosiness. Great inspiration come from a Bunch of White Roses, which reminds about beauty of pureness and sophistication. The collection includes three pieces of wedding dress which created around that inspiration. It’s a small, but growing collection of creative development of...

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Meera Meera Fashion Concept Exclusive- edgy- affordable high-fashion for women with a liberated spirit and a strong sense of style Meera Meera is an international Fashion Brand for urban women, based out of Viet Nam. We would make luxury pret-a-porter for Vietnamese. At this pace of development we are moving the collections forward, and keep it fresh, while keeping our signature recognizable with every single product having a strong identity. Our-selves concept is to meet the need of young clients and Middle –age through modem city in Viet-Nam where we are in need of a change, old traditions were giving way to new ideas. We aim to seek feedback and listed to the customers rather than trying to force our original strategy. Listen, re-assess our customer demands and create another product that better meets the need. Recently, entry on the Can Thoand Sai Gon market, with the opening of several sales points. The long term purpose is to conquer the world market. As a small company, we have an advantage over large companies, because we can pivot quickly at a low cost. After all, it’s not about how well we strategize at the onset that matters—it’s about building a business we are passionate about. With the core of the label is Textile Design, Meera Meera stresses the similarities between art and fashion in terms of design, aesthetics and creativity. What to do now is to Focus on learning and always keep learning, improvement, and flexibility as priorities.