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Collection – TALE OF A GARDEN

Tale Of A Garden
Inspired by fairytale illustrator Kay Nielsen.
His art is classical and his artistic derivation revolves around nature, open skyspaces.
I relate his art to landscape views of quaint hillsides of Uttranchal where I spent most of my childhood.
Drew inspirational elements for this collection from mood, details of Kay Nielsen's paintings and photographs, doodles in my journal.
Through this inspiration, I developed textile surface done by craftsmen of India using hand-crafted embroidery techniques. Silhouettes and colours of this collection are taken from costumes on figures in Kay Nielsen's paintings and mood, characters from collection's inspiration.
I designed this collection with an idea to create an escape, mood of an imaginative scene of flora, a whimsical garden.
An escape in the beauty of nature
Elevate the state of existence and peace.

A Playful Provocation
Hint Of Irreverence
Quirky & Romantic

Clothes That Come Alive In Breezy Colors
Carefree Silhouettes & Romantic Details
Empowers & Flatters Spirit Of Women Wearing Them

Think Of A Ray Of Sunlight
Coming Through The Blinds In Spring
Light Bouncing Of The Sea
Quaint Wildflowers On A Hillside
Warmth Of Natural Sunlight
Spirit Of Carefreeness & Boundless Femininity.

Inspired by diversity of crafts in cultures, from story telling art and various art movements. Inspiration that revolves around places and spaces, appreciating its flora fauna in all forms. Carefree and fluid silhouettes with handcrafted surface decoration. Techniques like hand painting, embroidery, screen prints and dyeing. Carefully crafted with love by local artisans of India.