Mateja Bosek

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faculty of textile technology zagreb
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Collection – Odyssey.M.162

Despite numerous changes and technological progress the everyday life of an individual is merely existence struggle. Global terrorism, refugees and migrations have been initiated in the last few decades by destructions through war and crime. All of that raised the question of man's existence and safety. As such a human being is ford to fight for his existence and not a person without a home but someone who is capable of creating a home anywhere. As an ideal solution a human being emigrants from Earth and immigrates into space, to be more precise, Mars in order to get from everyday problems.
Intensive research of the planet Mars began in the sixties when scientists pondered the possibility of life on the „Red Planet“. This interest in Mars has had a revival in the last couple of years. NASA's rover called „Curiosity“ has been exploring Mars since August 2012 and has discovered substantial evidence of potential life on the planet.
The fad that our bodies evolved in the way they adjusted to life on Earth, living on Mars should be led according to the rules set by our planet, meaning, appropriate nutrition and gravity level like the one on Earth. With a few adjustments, this planet could be suitable for living.
The Odyssey.M.162 collection is shown as a combination of nature and technology upon which a man depends and which enables potential life on Mars. Clothes which adjust to the new atmosphere, gravity and various weather conditions become at the same time street fashion. The concept used while designing this collection focuses on amplifying the form of various garments which are intended for an easy virtual space stroll through the Red Planet. Garments are shaped according to the concept of from simplifying which at the some time represent the feeling of relief from the „earthly life“ and the exploration of the New World. Since jackets are hand made, that is by applyng the screen printing we achieved the wanted fabric texture. In the way, we created the visual feeling of the Mars surface on the fabric.
The materials presented in the collection are from polyester and polypropylene fibers, of them are made the part of the collection: pants, blouse, and dress. Scuba was used to make jackets. A print inspired by photos depicting the surface of Mars is applied to the fabric. The dress and top are made by wrapping polypropylene ropes around the body. The cables symbolize the technology that humans depend on, which also enables us to possibly, one day, live on Mars.
Mateja Bosek is 24 years old and she lives in Zagreb, in Croatia. After finishing High School for Fashion and Design, she enrolled in the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. At the moment she is studying fashion design second year Master of Arts. For her fashion collections, she finds inspiration in everything that surrounds her, for our society, politics to art. Over the years she has met various textile techniques, but last year hand printed textile become her passion. Her collections have focus on hand printed textile, which she applies to untypical materials for this type of technique. And that's what she wants to do in her future collections. She wants to connect traditional skills with new technologies, new techniques, new fabric. To her fashion is like an experiment and futurism is her inspiration.