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istituto marangoni , milan italy
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Journey is the final goal.
Whether on foot, by car, train or on tracks, the modern nomads move to map the earth's soil.
Lowland or mountain, city or desert, what is important is to reach unexplored places and make them alive.
Contemporary nomads are citizens of the world.
Their home becomes minimal and compact to fill backpacks and large pockets.
All of their belongings travel with them.
Overlapping layers of sweaters, jackets and coats dress up the silhouettes.
Warm wool alternates with ecological shearling and ribbed velvets.
The wool gabardine, cut out and overlapped gives life to flared and geometric volumes.
Balls of raw wool make up hand-made sweaters with a patchwork effect.
Stripes and asymmetrical patterns collide with flat pattern fabbrics.
The large scarves used against the cold, become first skirts and then overcoats.
Everything is transformed, facilitating the continuous recycling of the traveler’s belongings.
Patches, visible seams, handmade stitches, overlapping fabrics and volumes, are just some of the features taken by the mood and reported in the collection.
The color card is brilliant.
Fuchsia tips are combined with blue and light blue backgrounds with white, black and caffelatte.
Born in Tolmezzo (September 8th 1992) and grown up in a small countryside reality, Martina is fascinated by the fashion world since her childhood. Her favorite hobby was- and still is nowadays- to fill in blank pages with sketches. By the time she was in mid school she could turn simple oddments of tissues spread all over the house into dresses and accessorizes by using just two tools: the needle and the wire. Her course was already fixed; she attended the Art High School in Udine specializing in fashion, and thanks to the school laboratories she could improve her technical and manual competences. Once Martina’s skills were steady she decided to move to the capital of fashion -Milan- where she undertook the carrier as a fashion designer. Thanks to the efficiency and high intensity studies, practices and laboratories at the Istituto Marangoni, Martina increased her devotion for pattern making, developing a personal technique: geometrical shapes marked on the fabric and later draped on the mannequin. By the time the academic journey was coming to an end she was able to model many capsule collections and evolve her own style: clean, minimal and modish. The gratification followed all that work. In February 2014 Martina was one of the four winners of the contest ‘Next Generation 2014’ held by Camera Nazionale della Moda; to them was granted the opportunity of showing 12 outfits at the Milan Fashion Week, with their own fashion show. Lately she has been attending many short classes offered by renowned colleges, as London Central Saint Martins College and she has also been in contact with different ateliers and brands. She worked for one of them and they found her work amazingly fresh and innovative, yet wearable by anyone. She is now designing for her own brand, focusing on women’s wear.