Marija Kulusic

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faculty of textile technology
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Collection – UNDER OUTER

The starting point of the collection is in personal experience, primarily in the habit of storing and collecting clothes that often represent much more than a garment item and a functional cover, it binds us to people, places, and events.
Such items become 'archives of memory'.
By studying and combining my own clothes I have been dressing for years, it has resulted with layered garments, lots of different textures and manual work, especially painting and dyeing.
Hand-painted textile with automated 'scratching' on a silk shirt that will change and fade over time as well as hand-drawn lines making them intentionally imperfect. Substance change in these examples of garments is very pronounced.
Various clothing items, such as trenchcoat, jackets, skirts and pants are combined, thus creating 'hybrids' as their compound.
Coats and trenchcoats are deconstructed, and their parts can be removed and fastened to bindings or trunks, which allows different ways of wearing garments and introduces dynamics in motion.
These are mostly voluminous wrinkles that drastically change the overall look of clothing.
More info about the collection :
Marija Kulusic was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Her interest in fashion and arts developed and shaped on the Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb, MA of fashion design where she graduated. Behind her design there is always a story or a concept around which she creates a collection. Her attention is especially focused on the details and fabric techniques (often finished by hand) while looking for new solutions and giving the option for a wearer to change the silhouettes. Her work is often described as complex minimalism. Marija is currently working as a freelance designer in Croatia.