Marie-Ève Lecavalier

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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Come get trippy with us is a collection inspired by my childhood in my boring city: in order to pass time I used to deform reality. With the influence of psychedelic music that my father made me discover, the stories of my wrestling grandfather and my need to escape my environnement I developt a fascination for hallucinations.

My Master’s degree collection focuses on neo-psychedelics and subcultures: in a minimal way, how can I transcend deformation, blurriness and the conventional approach to recycling, in order to create a new aesthetic? Most of my work involves leather used for its properties as a fabric or as a graphic line. While this collection came together, I created a unique way to knit leather in the shape of a classic jersey knit or a graphic wave that blends into the next. This wave concept has inspired my cotton printed shirts, and the knitting technique has given me the opportunity to use small amounts and different types of leather purchased from second hand depots, most of the time. Recycled jeans also figure in this collection as their washed-out stories transform into my own. In order for the ordinary to become extraordinary, I work with a blown glass artist who creates buttons and mirror glass buckles that bring a captivating and organic twist to the common trimmings we see in garments.

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From the suburbs of Montreal, Ca., Marie-Ève Lecavalier has transform her subculture and sociology fascination into design projects. Meanwhile her fashion studies at UQAM (Montreal), she worked as a research assistant for Ying Gao and did an internship at Alexander Wang (New York). After working as a freelancer for several research projects and video productions, she decided to go to HEAD (Geneva) for her master's studies. She then concreted a passion for leather and blown glass accessories. Her master's collection is the reflexion of her childhood's imaginary blended with clean graphic design and a unique knitted leather technique.