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Collection – Maria Maleta by Pedro Pedro

Maria Maleta and Pedro Pedro a collaboration that became a non-obvious collection.The unpretentiousness of this product is shown in the manner it is used and not in the way it is shown. Four designs are highlighted in this collaboration. From a shopping bag and a traditional executive handbag to a more unconventional urban travelling-bag, all the models reveal the intrinsic quality of Maria/Maleta and the reference design of Pedro Pedro.

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Maria Maleta is a Portuguese brand of design leather goods, only in genuine leather and evidences the quality on raw materials with the best production in Portugal. We believe that every woman has two personal sides, therefore most of our products reflect that versatility as they can be used in many different ways. There is no stereotypes neither any rules, that is the freedom to be expressed in a timeless product. Originally from Porto, Portugal, Maria Maleta is a brand that features an unique sense of design and taste.