Mariam Al sibai

Black Sheep


london / United Kingdom


Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (fIDM)

I am British born of Syrian descent. Born and raised in the city of London. Currently based in the USA, with a fashion design degree from FIDM in Los Angeles. The brand was established between my hometown of London and LA. My passion for artisanal craftsmanship and culture resonates throughout the brand and collaborations- that we continuously work on with artisans around the world to produce unique and limited pieces such as our first the Belt Bag from our Heritage collection.

We have recently released our first ever autumn/winter capsule collection with a focus on outer wear. Each of our collections tells a story. Our first narrative is "timeless" - a notion that echoes throughout the brand.

Our brand is exclusively about fabric, fit, cut and colour. I work out of my atelier to hand drape garments and cut fabrics to achieve the look and fit that I envision to create. There is something special about a designer falling in love with the fabrics they choose and finding buttons and all sorts of trims to cut, drape and sew in order to complete a first sample. I love to play around and produce garments that are specific to my taste.

Every garment is made with love, care and attention. The process of garment creation is a beautiful alchemy. I first hand pick the buttons, fabric, and trims. I test, play, and drape until the pieces unite together. My atelier is my laboratory. I find zeal in experimenting with my fabrics and it is only until I am 110% satisfied with my creation that I can safely add it to the collection. When a garment is complete, I feel confident in releasing to the world the magic that I have nurtured.

Fashion is a style or trend that a majority conform to wearing, at a specific given time. I prefer the phrase “artistic expression through dressing". To me, this resonates more with our brand and aesthetic. We are moved and inspired by the arts and diversity in culture. We are not specifically trend based although we fit in today’s “fashion” world. Our pieces are timeless and not limited to a specific trend. They are designed to maintain longevity in the wardrobe, something that fast fashion lacks. I dress in a way to reflect my mood that allows for variation and authenticity. Therefore, my collection has a mix of cosy and chic wear. We focus on craftsmanship, meaning our garments are limited, not mass produced.

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