Mariah Cherubim

indonesia - Philippines
University / School:
raffles design institute
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Collection – Prologue: Exodus

Prologue: Exodus serves as the prequel to the main story.
It tells the tales of a girl and the evil serpent - from the moment that her existence was still saintly pure until the moment she rot. Making a deal with the serpent and trying to keep her sanity broke her inside out. The story ends with her embracing her insanity and walking out of the sacred garden.

This collection focuses on experimental tailored and structured pattern making and craftsmanship. Materials used consists of faux leather, faux snakeskin, feathers, wool, and many more. Hours are spent on cutting the feathers into shape one by one, and then putting them on certain parts of the garment. The craftsmanship could be seen through the carefully hand sewn rhinestones and trimmings.
Mariah Cherubim was born in Indonesia to a Chinese-Filipino-Spanish family. All her life she found herself intrigued to various myths and tales - which later contributed a huge part to her designs. Her collections are designed to evoke a certain story and narrative. She ended up often setting the collections as a play; where the clothes takes part as the characters inside it. She prefers to direct the stage and then leave the interpretation open to others – for the sake of leaving traces of mystery. Mariah Cherubim is a bespoke label that acts as the main stage for the series of stories.