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Collection – Tiled

Consciously or not, we are in constant dialogue with the internal and external spaces around us – spaces defined by the walls of the structures creating our urban landscapes. In certain instances, these walls consist of features in relief, making their presence more distinct and pronounced, even going as far as to alter perceptions of our surroundings by adding another dimension.

Tiled emerged from textured patterned walls encountered around the world. A series of four singular tiles become the silver, gold-plated silver and enameled modular jewelry pieces that can be worn individually or in tiled combinations.

Inspired by Modernist architecture for previous collections, Designer Margherita (Ghita) Abi-Hanna, explains: “I have become more conscious and acutely aware of architectural details on the structures that form our urban fabric. What I found most interesting about tiles in relief is how their dynamic interaction with light can add a new visual dimension that subtly changes our perception of the surrounding space.”
Margherita Abi Hanna’s beginnings in jewelry and accessories design were not so straightforward. Upon completing a degree in graphic design from the American University of Beirut and garnering significant experience in the field, she moved to Milan to attend a one-year master program in accessories design at Domus Academy. The choice to move into a more tactile and wearable domain came from a dissatisfaction with the limitations of professional graphic design practices and an urge to change her process of creation. “I enjoy everything about designing from coming up with an idea, researching it, discovering new things, then destroying the idea, evolving it, changing it and coming up with a totally new one. The more work I produce the more I grow and evolve by learning from my own experiences.” In 2010, Margherita returned to Beirut to launch her own eponymous brand of contemporary jewelry, recognized by distinct structural lines and architectural details. Handmade in collaboration with local silversmiths and jewelry artisans, each individually and unique Margherita piece exudes bold, fashion-forward style while remaining timeless and resisting trend. “I have always been drawn to very geometric, angular shapes. The more I see this aspect in my work, the more I tend to capitalize on it and draw inspiration from it. My father is an architect and I’m sure that has influenced me. Our surroundings tend to integrate themselves into our work automatically whether we like it or not. Our mind is constantly saturated with what we see and experience around us, and that comes out in what we do subconsciously.” Currently based in Beirut, Margherita, whether advertently or not, draws much inspiration from the city that she has spent most of her life in, a city she claims, “offers so many perplexities that one can reflect upon to come up with radical ideas and themes for projects.”