Marc Eicher

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HEAD – Geneva University of Art & Design
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Collection – Love is an Emotional Minefield

"Love is an Emotional Minefield" is a collection that questions love's emotion. Emphasized by the research of David Sacks, psychiatrist specialized in addiction of love, the collection creates a new vocabulary and an aestheticism to an abstract idea, love.
The shapes of the garments that compose this first collection are hybrids between the 19th century, sportswear and nightwear. These offer a perspective that oscillates between sculpture and nonchalance. "Love is an Emotional Minefield" sanctifies the lover and not the love itself, it exposes the lover as a manifest of his own emotion.
The enamelled porcelain makes an underlying statement, perceived when one that takes time to see it.
Inspired by "Le langage des fleurs", seducing expressions from the romantic period add a symbolic dimension.

All the pictures have been taken by :
Cynthia Mai Ammann & Yul Tomatala
Models :
Laurence Favez
Michal Geyer
Louise Ducatillon
Alice Othenin-Girard
Lucas Martinez
Dahl Brunel
Born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1990. After studies in business during two years he decided to quit and to evolve in fashion industry as a self-educated designer and created a bag brand with a graphic designer’s friend in 2012. After entering the school of art and design in Geneva in 2014, the practice really began to take form while developing several techniques that mix fabrics and materials. The first idea was to find a way to transforms the poor materials and fabrics into something more noble. Working on material design helps to disturb the shapes of garments and give it an other dimension. Sensitive about the human ethics, approaching fashion with an anthropologic looks was important. Indeed the relation between the garment and the individual, the way the garment is a construction tool to the identity and the way he separate and reunite people around a common idea, a common fight is a fertile soil to his practice. After getting his BA in fashion design Marc decided to follow his artistic work while doing a master in fine arts and contemporary practices, not in the meaning of leaving fashion, but to allow the textiles and garments to adopt a new approach, a new speech.