Mara Garbin

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Accademia di Belle Arti
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Collection – VOLT 2015

"Volt" jewels are born from creative use of electrical equipment. The collection is available in red, yellow,blue or mashups between those colors. Each jewel has its logo “Volt” laser imprinted on the back and it's made with electrical equipment (plastic /metal wire connectors), plexiglas and cotton lace.
Mara Garbin is a designer born in Verona and living in Bologna that plans and manufactures handmade jewels, using alternative materials instead of precious metals. Graduated in painting (Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna) and jewelry design (School of Arts and Crafts in Vicenza), she worked as a designer in a goldsmith company located in Arezzo and, later, as a designer in the sector of accessories and jewelry. Her research has long turned to contemporary jewelery, with a particular propensity for using poor and unusual materials such as aluminum, steel, rubber, recycled materials, objet trouvé. The decontextualization of the object and the conceptual content are the main recurrent themes in her jewels, created in small series or unique pieces.