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Collection – Le Monde est à V̸Nous GIF LOOKBOOK

A meeting between traditional classic dresses, typical of the Western world, and less conventional teen casual garments. The two different kinds of material and structural details speak to each other, creating a new transition balance oriented towards a more mature and aware clothing. All the garments present a basic ambiguity: on one hand there's the formal iconic male coat and on the other we find, at one time, elements exposing immaturity and transgression.
Following the cultural underground trends' evolution over times, the reference codes' retake of all the evaluated keywords goes through a clean-up operation from the charge of meanings and a product-aimed aestheticization.

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Magda Abdel Hafith is a Berlin-based fashion designer with both Italian and Palestinian heritage. Graduated with a Master Degree in Fashion Design at the IUAV University in Venice, she moved to Berlin where she started working for high fashion brands like Obscur and Söderberg. With a great passion for dark music, her works has always been strongly inspired by the aesthetic of the underground punk, EBM and Industrial scene. A common thread in her design is the concept of wasted lost youth in suburban contexts combined with ability to master strong materials like leather and adapt fine and classic menswear to cheeky and rough street style.