Grey Sheep

We have created a whole Tshirt Capsule Collection Made in Florence.

We are three designers Tanzini Angelica, Ambra Inghilleri and Giulia Baragatti and we have combined different styles, creating a brand of T-shirt printed with original graphics, which present "strong themes that impose a reflection".

Maci, the name is an our word, we use always to indicate something nice.

Graphics are able to call a state of mind; each T-shirt carries with it an attitude, a provocation: “someone wearing t-shirt knows who he/she is and what he/she wants to represent." We thought about unisex clothes that speak for themselves.

Our challenge is to take a look inspired by the international mood, go outside the box respecting the concept of Made in Italy.

Our inspiration comes from the Social, everything passes from the web. We study the trends of today's teenagers. A world of selfies, emotions, sensations of everyday life. We also use some images covertly erotic, but never vulgar, because this is an instinct that is part human and represents us. In addition there is the influence of the current trend of the 90 \ 2000, the oversized and American rap fashion. For example, "too much sauce" print is in fact a way of saying that among the rap in the United States is depopulating.

MACI is a streetwear brand unisex garments, made in Italy,
with contemporary inspiration but with a strong emphasis on international mood: immediate and accessible product

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