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Collection โ€“ Edgy Flowy Volatile

The collection is the mapping of a journey of exploration and explosion of recognising the quality of the true Hubert sect.. the journey of colours, shapes and emotions.

From.. The beginning.. The expectation.. The moment before the bottle is opened.. First discovery of the true Hubert Sect.. The excitable.. apprehensive.. momentous.. tense.. EDGY.. twitchy..

Through.. The understanding of exploration.. The flow of experience.. The stream.. FLOWY.. surge.. ripple.. sweep..

To.. The sparkle.. The evaporation of emotions and taste.. Discovery and enjoyment of true luxury.. The unpredictable.. changeable.. VOLATILE.. variable.. erratic.. turbulent..

A competition-winning collection of Hubert Fresh Fashion Contest (Fresh Designer Award) during Fashion LIVE! 2016 (Slovak Fashion Week Initiative).

Fashion Films

Inspired by the vision of clarity and purity of light. Embedded in the personal history and admiration of the Spanish "La luz.." and in combination of letter related to designer's surname came the brand name - LUZ. We are married and design couple working their own way in field fashion design. The fact that we are both from different backgrounds (Peter โ€“ Architect, Lucia โ€“ Real Estate and Management) is in our favour while searching for an expression of design opinions and in search for beautiful and functional design solutions. The studio is our step in search of fashion representation of femininity, subtlety and sophisticated elegance. We balance the conceptualisation and abstractness with femininity and elegance. In results, we strive for functionality and wearability.