Luke Chan

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hong kong
Hong Kong SAR
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NTU Nottingham Trent University
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Hong Kong China
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Collection – I see but say nothing

The inspiration come from the Virgin Queen – Queen Elizabeth I, she is one of the powerful and influencer Queen in the past England. The theme - "I see but say nothing". [One of her mottoes from "video et taceo". It means she is a very careful person as what she did even she know or see something during her handling the government. By using the ruffle and big volume sleeves shows the past element in a modern way. At the same time, playing with the flowers and rose pattern as print during the collection and as a patch work with denim items because ROSE is meaning the England Royal in some ways to enhance the mood from the past Royal England.
LUKE CHAN is a Hong Kong based fashion label established in 2016 by Chan Kit Leung,Luke. LUKE CHAN is a fashion brand presenting the romantic, feminine beauty and heritage mood in a contemporary way. The brand logo have 3 French words 'croire et amour' - 'believe and love'. By using French to show the romantic mood. 'believe' = believe and do what you believe; 'love' = love what you do and show the love and kindness. This is the beauty Luke believe and now he is showing it by design. Luke Chan love elegance, extreme and classic style. Most of the inspiration comes from the myths, royal, religion or their fantasies. In the development, he would like to try different effects and experimental materials. He would like to show different kind of expression and beauty of women and he believes that it is a responsibility from a designer.