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University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld Germany

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Elisabeth Große aka Lizita is an artist and fashion designer. Whilst studying fashion design at the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld her artworks were showcased in several publications including the Tush Magazine. She assisted for Alexander McQueen in London and Matthew Williamson design studio after her graduation and worked as a freelance designer afterwards in London.
Lizita is a talented draftswoman with her strong own drawing style. She creates garments and fashion illustrations, which she edits through design software. Her approach is based on making mental associations and on emotions. Her work is inspired by themes such as music, art nouveau, graffity, street art, costume history and poetry.
Her work is featured in MODEILLUSTRATION, by Willemina Hoenderken, published by Arnoldsche, 2013 Germany.

Recent exhibition: Hauntingly Beautiful, pop-up exhibition of art & fashion, collaboration with Square1Spaces at the Coningsby Gallery in London, September 2015.

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