Lisa Van Wersch

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Fahmoda Academy
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Collection – The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us.
A collection about human relationships.
Playing with aversion, kitsch and aesthetics this collection includes outfits, shoes, bags and jewelry.
This work started with a photographic experiment. Meeting daily "normal" people and get in intimate ambience. Shooting them nude always having in mind "show me now what you normally never show". These pictures were used to find this collections silhouettes, structures, colors and atmosphere.
Working with the feeling of being held the outfits perform with knots, leather and knits structures that keep eachother apart and a lot of cosy fabrics that give you the touch and feeling of beautiful bodies.
The signature pillow bags show that this collection is also to be seen with humour.
As well as illustrated embroidery and lace of male and female attributes that prove that you should always crack classic body clisches.
Conceptual. Provokative. Feminine.
The lesson is clear: beauty will always be in the eyes of the beholder!

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Playing with emotions like aversion, romantic kitsch and aesthetics the designer creates complex worlds. Handmade outfits composed of clothes, bags, jewelry and shoes. Within her last collection an accessory-project is born. Meisje_Crafts. Follow our journey on Instagram!