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university of lagos
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Collection – Bush Boy Series

we are thought we are part of them, part of the race, cos we have common physical characteristics and common heritage. Then a time came we were segregated because of how we think,do and interpret things. we did things differently and they found out that we dont follow trends. we were tagged as archaic and old-fashioned, because we dont do the conventional, we were cut off. wherefore, we are the new generation bush people. we are unique in all ways, we are enough.
Bryan Charles Chibuike Imo is a Nigerian fashion designer from Imo state known for telling african stories and reshaping african narratives through the arts. He was born and raised in Bariga, Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently a student of the University of Lagos. He founded his fashion brand in 2016. Liam Nigeria is a contemporary fashion brand that draw inspiration from african history and narratives, hence Liam Nigeria tells african stories and reshape the african narratives through its designs, arts and works. Consequently, Bryan Imo, the creative director considers his works as art before fashion.